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Our team is made up of both full and part time staff, some of who only work during the normal school term time. To see our Team please go HERE.


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Middle Room

Middle Room Key Persons


A typical day in the middle room

8.00-8.15 Breakfast (see window)
8.15-9.00 Meet and greet children and parents
9.00-9.15 Register/what’s the weather song/how many children do we have/talk about the day’s activities.
9.15-10.20 Free flow
Activity (see window)
10.20-10.30 Tidy up the middle room
10.30-10.35 Wash hands and going to the toilet
10.35-10.50 Snack (see window)
10.50-11.00 Circle time (story or singing)
11.00-11.30 Outside play
11.30-12.00 Circle time (choice between activity box/singing/ story/music etc.) getting ready for home time/lunchtime
12.00-1.00 Wash hand and go to the toilet – Lunch time
1.00pm Nap time (for those who need it)
1.00-1.15 Register/what’s the weather song/how many children do we have/talk about the day’s activities/ home time/meet and greet children and parents
1.15-2.20 Free flow
Activity (see window)
2.20-2.30 Tidy up the middle room
2.30-2.35 Wash hands and going to the toilet
2.35-2.50 Snack (see window)
2.50-3.00 Circle time (story or singing)
3.00-3.30 Outside play
3.30-4.00 Circle time (choice between activity box/singing/ story/music etc.) getting ready for home time/evening activities
4.00-5.00 Free play (spontaneous planning)
Activity (see window)
5.00-6.00 Wash hands and go to the toilet – Tea time snack (see window) Home time

Normally children begin to arrive at around 08.00, and by 09.15 we have had a sit down time where we have completed registration, chatted about the day’s activities on offer, and recognised our names with the help of some simple symbols that are repeated on their coat pegs.

From 09.15  it is free play and the adult led activities. Children are invited to choose items or toys to play with as well as being able to play in the home corner that is already set out, whilst choosing inside or outside

Tidy up time, no exceptions here, everyone has to help, and then we wash hands ready for snack time. We provide a midsession snack which can be fruit, cereals, toast, biscuits, or something we have made etc. All snacks are advertised on the board and are frequently linked to the themes we are covering. For example pumpkin soup at Halloween, or vegetable samosas at Diwali. We aim to provide a wide variety of snacks so that the children have a chance to try different things that may not always be offered at home. This is also a great time for socialising around a table, something which all of the staff are very keen to promote. We do not allow children to walk around with food or drink; they are required to sit down when it is eating time. We always adhere to parental wishes when it comes to dietary requirements.

After snack we put on our coats and wellies (or sun cream and sunhats) and go outside to play. The main door leads directly onto the playground where the children can run around on the safety surface safe in the knowledge they won’t get hurt if they fall over or fall off the climbing frame. The garden has many areas to explore including a covered sand pit with a vast array of digging and building equipment, and woodland walk area which also has a space they can dig in to look for worms and beetles. There is a large grassed area which can be used for football or pic nics etc. The playground is also a great space in which to ride bikes or balance on stilts or take a ride on our roller coaster.

After playtime we come inside and have story and singing time which is a great time to relax and wind down prior to lunch time.


Lunch time ends at 13.00and for those who wish to have a nap they can rest on beds in the middle room.  The morning routine is repeated in the afternoon. For many children 16.00 hrs is home time, but for full time children this is any time up to 18.00 hrs.